Tortoise Kit


Embody 90s icon, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, by bringing this classic pattern to your nails. Developed for over a year by the Gelcare Artists, this trio harmoniously recreates the texture and depth of tortoise shell. Check out our YouTube tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this look.

This kit includes 2 gels (15mL) + 1 ink (0.5 mL). Jelly Brown, Argan Oil and Amber Ink.

  1. Use Jelly Brown to form abstract spots camouflaging the free edge as much as possible and defining the outline of the nail.
  2. Apply an even coat of Argan Oil all over the nail.
  3. Paint over the Jelly Brown stains with the Amber ink, exceeding around the stains to create a diffused effect. Also, dab your Amber ink brush where there is Argan Oil application (but no spots) to create more texture.
  4. Apply a second coat of Argan Oil all over the nail to accentuate the depth of the design.
  5. Create a few new Jelly Brown spots, some on top of the initial ones in order to darken them further. Concentrate the spots around the edges of the nails to define the shape.
  6. Apply a layer of top coat sufficient to level the texture created over the previous steps.

Gel Polish: Bis-Hea Poly (PEG), Bis Hea Poly-9/IPDI, Bis-Hema/IPDI Copolymer, THFMA, Iboma, Sucrose Benzoate, 1-Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenylketone, TPO, Silica, Cosmetic pigments

Ink: Ethanol, PM Glycol Ether, Isopropyl Alcohol, EP Glycol Ether, N-Propanol, Modified Rosin

This product may cause a skin reaction. Please avoid contact with the skin and eyes. To learn more, see our Additional Resources page.

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