Get ready to take care of your feet like never before. Follow the instructions below during your Gelcare pedicure. All Pedicure Kits come with instructions, but it is also possible to print them here.

Print Instructions
1. Prep your feet

Ideally start the routine after a bath or shower so your feet are clean.

2. Apply callus softener solution

Spray Gelcare Callus Softener Solution over callused areas at approximately 10 cm of distance from the area. Allow the product to penetrate for 1-2 minutes.

3. Prep your pedicure handle

Unstick one Gelcare Exfoliating Pad and place it on the smooth side of the Gelcare Pedicure Handle.

4. File your calluses

Using a back and forth motion, gently glide the Gelcare Exfoliating Pad over the callused areas. Continue filing until the skin begins to ball up and fall off. Apply as much pressure as you deem fit to achieve the level of exfoliation you desire.

5. Clean your pedicure handle

Unstick pad and discard after use. Wash handle with a scrubber brush, soap and water.

6. Rinse your feet

Rinse your feet using either a damp towel or bath faucet.

7. Optional: NAIL PREP + colour gel polish

If desired, proceed to nail prep and colour application. For more instructions on this step, see our Manicure Instruction page.

8. Apply moisturizer

Finish by applying moisturizer.