Oily to Acne-Prone Sensitive Pack

$294 $327

This Acne-Prone pack for sensitive skin is picked by our GM Collin Master. If you have an excessive production of sebum that results in acne, this is the pack for you.

This pack gives you a 10% off on the individual prices!
  • Puractive+ Cleansing Gel
    • Foaming and refreshing cleansing gel.
    • Removes excess sebum and impurities.
    • Complexion looks and feels supple, refreshed.
  • Pure Mask
    • Absorbs excess sebum without drying the skin.
    • The pores appear tighter.
    • Visibly decreases redness.
    • Purifies and reveals fresher-looking skin.
  • Sensiderm Treating Mist
    • A fragrance and alcohol-free moisturizing mist that provides a superior soothing effect.
    • Treats sensitive skin, thanks to its magical formula composed of honey and aloe vera extracts.
  • Active Exfoliant Powder
    • An invigorating triple-action exfoliating powder that combines gentle mechanical, enzymatic and chemical actions to remove dead cells. Formulated for daily use.
    • The skin is visibly soft, smooth, refreshed and the complexion illuminated.
  • Rosa Sea Gel-Cream
    • Use during the day 
    • A unique fragrance-free gel-cream formulated with ingredients to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.
    • Significantly decreases the appearance of redness and improves skin tone evenness.
    • Restores skin comfort.
  • Essential Oil Complex 
    • Ideal for to improve the look of localized blemishes and comedones.
    • The skin has a healthier look, is perfectly matte and soft to touch.

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