Silk Strip


Bio Sculpture Silk Strip is used to reinforce the natural nail, repair the natural nail and also for sculpted extensions with silk reinforcement. Silk will become translucent when saturated with gel polish.

Ideal for professionals and home use.
  1. Cut a small square of silk a little larger than the crack in your nail.
  2. Apply a layer of base coat without polymerizing it
  3. Spread the silk over the crack using tweezers and gently let it absorb the base coat. Do not add gel over it, we must ensure that the silk remains over the crack as much as possible.
  4. Polymerize under the lamp for 30 seconds.
  5. Lightly file the silk to remove the uneven texture.
  6. Add a second coat of base coat to level your nail and polymerize for 30 seconds.
Our salon quality tools are super precise, allowing you to take your nail prep to the next level.

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